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The Plastic Loose Fill Council was founded in 1991 to promote the reuse of polystyrene loose fill, commonly known as "packing peanuts." The Council's Peanut Hotline is one of the country's most successful material reuse programs.

The Council was created by the major US manufacturers of polystyrene loose fill packaging. Members are: Inter-Pac, Inc. of Tupelo, MS; RAPAC, Inc. of Oakland, TN; and Storopack, Inc. of Cincinnati, OH. John D. Mellott, President and General Manager of Storopack, Inc., serves as Council President.

The Council established the

Peanut Hotline



a national, 24-hour consumer hotline and website directory service that provides referrals to the nearest locations that accept loose fill for reuse. Since the Hotline was launched in July of 1991, thousands of individuals have contacted the Hotine each month.

Hotline calls increased dramatically over the first few years as catalog companies promoted the reuse program by printing the toll-free number on informational inserts in each mail-order package. Catalog companies continue to inform their customers of the Peanut Hotline.

In addition to promotion by the Council and catalog companies, the Peanut Hotline's website and toll-free number are listed in numerous recycling guides. Communities recognize the value of the reuse program and publicize it through municipal recycling directories and by word-of-mouth. As near as we can tell, over a million people have used the Hotline Service.

In thousands of cities and towns, local mail and parcel centers, craft and gift shops, camera, hardware and specialty stores accept loose fill from the public for reuse. There are collection centers in every state.

The reuse program offers a benefit to everyone involved. The public is given a convenient way to recycle loose fill. Collection centers report receiving enough loose fill to significantly reduce new packaging purchases and also report receiving new business through increased foot traffic.

Supporting consumer reuse of plastic packing peanuts is one of the ways polystyrene loose fill manufacturers incorporate environmental practices into their industry.

The loose fill industry is a small portion of the U. S. packaging market. Approximately 45 million pounds of loose fill are manufactured each year.

Market research and random collection center surveys give an estimate that 30 percent of the loose fill produced each year is reused. This includes the Plastic Loose Fill Council's Peanut Hotline reuse program and extensive industrial reuse (companies unpack goods and reuse the packaging).

The PLFC Members

INTER-PAC, INC. located in Tupelo, MS, was founded in 1960 as International Commodore. The company was one of the first loose fill packaging manufacturers in America. In 1979, the company began manufacturing EPS resin for its own use and for sale to other loose fill manufacturers. Inter-Pac's products are now used world-wide. In 1982, Inter-Pac was sold to its current owners. In 1991, Inter-Pac began manufacturing EPS resin using recycled plastic. Today recycled polystyrene plays a key role in the company's business. Inter-Pac's 100% recycled plastic resin is one of the company's best selling products. President is Orwill Hawkins.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 2515 (zip code: 38803-2515)
1867 South Veterans Blvd. (zip code: 38804)
Tupelo, MS
phone 662/690-6500

Sales Contact:
phone 800/333-1451
fax 662/690-6501

RAPAC, INC. is located in Oakland, Tenn. and is a privately held firm producing expandable polystyrene for loose fill. The company was started in 1984 and has grown to become the largest loose fill bead producer in the world. The company achieved this growth by being the industry leader in product innovation. Initially, the company introduced a light weight product and in 1990 added recycled content and a photodegradable additive to the entire product line. In early 1991, a product made entirely of recycled materials was introduced. To support their needs for recycled polystyrene, the company operates R-2 Manufacturing, a separate recycling plant in Oakland, TN. All material recycled at R-2 Manufacturing is used by RAPAC. President is Ken Adams.

Contact Information
65 Industrial Park Road
Oakland, TN 38060
phone 800/280-6333

Sales Contact: Ken Adams (x1171)
or Beverly Traylor (x1166)
phone 800/280-6333
fax 901/465-1181

STOROPACK, INC. headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1978, by Hans Reichenecker, Chairman, and John D. Mellott, President. Storopack, Inc. is a member of the Storopack Reichenecker Group, the world's largest manufacturer, converter and recycler of expandable polystyrene packaging with primary activities that include the manufacture and sale of plastic, starch and paper cushioning materials as well as supportive systems and equipment for the storage and dispensing of these materials. Storopack, Inc. has 22 locations in North America along with 28 licensees. The Storopack Group, in addition to North America, has operations throughout Europe and the Far East.

Contact Information
4758 Devitt Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246
phone 513/874-0314

Sales Contact: Steve Sobel
phone 800/827-7225
fax 513/874-4672


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