The Peanut Hotline 800-828-2214

Call the hotline for the nearest location that accepts loose fill for reuse. If you have large quantities of loose fill, make sure to check with the collection site before dropping it off.

America's most successful package reuse program has referred over 700,000 callers to local stores that accept plastic loose fill packaging for reuse and now receives over 1,200 calls weekly, and more during the holidays.

  • Offers you "bottom line" savings ­ you get free loose fill peanuts.

  • Brings potential new customers into your store with each "walk-in" bag of loose fill.

  • Advertises your business to local callers 24 hours a day.

  • Is promoted by over one thousand companies, the local and national media, and environmentally concerned shoppers who tell others about this program.

  • Gives your business a unique public relations advantage since you provide a valuable public service by offering your community a place to recycle plastic loose fill.

  • Creates goodwill with those customers who wish to do something positive with their extra loose fill.

  • Received national recognition. Won the Robert Rodale Environmental Achievement Award from the Direct Marketing Association.

    The Peanut Hotline works ... and it will work for you!

    What Hotline Collection Centers say about the program.