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The Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC) was founded in 1991 to develop, promote and implement the original use and subsequent recovery, reuse and recycling of polystyrene loose fill, commonly known as "packing peanuts."

The Council operates the Peanut Hotline, the national reuse program for plastic loose fill.

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Peanut Hotline

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The Peanut Hotline, 800-828-2214 and, is the national reuse program for plastic packing peanuts . Consumers can drop off their leftover plastic packing peanuts at Peanut Hotline collection sites. There are over 1,500 collection sites in the US.

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Plastic Loose Fill Council/AFPR, 1298 Cronson Blvd., Ste 201, Crofton, MD 21114